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The Beginning of an Inner Revolution

What is an Inner Revolution?

An inner revolution is not the kind of revolution that we usually think of as pertaining to the outer world. It’s a revolution of an inner world. It’s not a destructive, but a constructive revolution -- a true revolution, a real revolution that brings about inner transformation or change within you. It is the greatest of all revolutions because it is:

A revolution that frees your soul from the trammels of moralities that have crippled your life, and a revolution that breaks the shackles of the religious, social and political hypocrisies that have hindered your personal and spiritual growth.

It is a journey:

  • From unconsciousness to the ultimate peak of consciousness,
  • From the valley of darkness to the light,
  • From misery to happiness,
  • From unawareness to awareness
  • From slavery to freedom

Inner Revolution is an arduous journey, but the most rewarding one. If the challenges are big, then the rewards should also be big, or else it wouldn’t make sense.

Why Inner Revolution?

The purpose of this website is not to impose on you what we deem is good or bad; instead, it is to pinpoint in you the change that is possible. To change the way you are living is possible. To live a life of awareness is possible, but for these changes to occur, great courage is needed. Yes, tremendous courage is required. When I was small, there was a story in one of my books about the man who tasted the first tomato. He must have been a courageous man. Others were afraid, but he went forward. Look at what he gave to us – not only tomatoes, but a great story of courage and motivation.

Your life might be an enmeshment of miseries, but you have become so accustomed to it that you are afraid to undertake any risk. You don’t want to get out from your own comfort zone – because you are afraid of the consequences. Here, I am reminded of one prisoner who was released after spending twenty years behind bars. When he went out into the light of day, he became so afraid that he pleaded to be sent back into the prison.

Our lives also resemble this prisoner’s in many ways. We are so used to living a life of darkness that obviously we would be afraid to be in the light. Do you think any seed would become a flower and produce fragrance if it decided to stay underneath the earth? The seed needs to leave its world of darkness and sprout into the world of light to grow into a fully fledged flower. Only then can it bloom!

You can also grow more fully to your potential and your life can also blossom. All you have to do is gather some courage and take risks in life. If not, then gradually you will wither away and your life will end meaningless. But, you don’t want change in your life. You are happy living in the valley of darkness – because climbing the peak of lightness would be an uphill task, where tremendous effort, courage and responsibility are needed. You don’t want to wake up from your sleep. Sleep gives you beautiful dreams. Have you ever noticed how grumpy one gets when you woken up by someone in the morning?

Bhagwan Buddha says one moment of awareness is better than a hundred years of sleep.

This is a great statement. Yes, one moment of awareness is enough, instead of a hundred years of pain and miseries. Why do you need a hundred years if you can achieve this self awareness in one moment? Look at the gratefulness of Existence, it has showered our lives with these moments all the time, but have we ever realized them. If only we could grasp that one moment, our lives would bloom in happiness. Have you noticed that in happiness, you forget everything --time, ego, and mind all disappear? When the heart is filled with joy, there are no worries. Life is full of blissful moments, but we are so asleep that we have kept on missing them. We are not even aware of them. It is such an irony – we are all born like an emperor but in the end, our lives fade away like that of a beggar, sad and depressing. Why?

The answer lies in lack of confidence in ourselves. We would prefer to be asleep, folded in our cozy cushion of dreams than take risks in life. We adorn ourselves with these false ideologies, dogmas, principles, doctrines and philosophies that have been thrust upon us by the society, and by religious, political and educational institution, as if they are some beautiful ornaments. They are in fact, fetters that have suffocated our souls from its freedom; led us astray in our lives, and act as barriers in our growth. How long are we going to let ourselves be dictated by these factors? How long we are going to cover ourselves with this warm quilt of securities and comforts promised to us? Have we forgotten that life itself is the biggest risk of all, where every single moment is unpredictable?

Hence, an inner revolution is needed. To initiate this revolution, you need great effort and immense courage—because it is the greatest journey of all, one which will take us back to our source. It is said that man’s journey begins from within himself, and ends on himself.

  • Are you courageous enough to walk in this inner journey?
  • Are you ready to give up your sleep, your beautiful dreams, your mind full of egos, your gold-plated philosophies, and your diamond-studded ideologies?
  • Are you ready to board a ship on this vast ocean called life, where you may face seemingly insurmountable challenges ahead?
  • Are you ready to unravel the secrets of your life?
  • Are you ready to discover the beauty and the treasure of your life?
  • Are you ready to see the full potential of your life?
  • Are you ready to live a life of awareness and ultimate consciousness?

Well, if you are, then welcome aboard!