7 Powerful Steps to Turn your Ideas into a Reality

Written by Naren on November 16, 2008

I have had many sleepless nights in my life due to hundreds of thoughts or ideas haunting my mind. Some of them were good and some of them were decent. How many of them have I truly utilized and turned into a reality? Very few! Am I disappointed? Not really. Why -- because, not all of them could have worn a blanket of reality, and also not all ideas are good enough to be worked upon. Besides, ideas and thoughts are directly dependent upon our life events, and thus change continuously and repeatedly. Today you might be thinking of starting a retail business, tomorrow you might be forced to take a shitty job at some office. If you are a salesperson, then you know how hard it is to close a sale. Similarly, you can have a great idea in your mind, but the tough part is to implement it into reality.

Here I am reminded of a story. I am pretty sure you might have heard this one. Anyway, in one neighborhood, an evil cat was posing a big threat to a community of rats. The rats that used to roam freely were now afraid to even peek out from their hideout. The situation was terrible. One evening, they arranged a meeting, to seek out a solution. Every rat suggested good ideas on how to get rid of the devil cat, but none of them were convincing. In the end, the wisest and the eldest of all the rats, Mr. X proposed a solution, which was to put a bell around the cat’s neck, so whenever the cat approaches, the rats would be alarmed by the sound of the bell, and would never be caught. They were all happy and excited about the idea, but soon they realized a big problem with it. Who was going to risk his life and put the bell around the cat’s neck? It was a certain death. Mr. X’s idea was commendable, but proved useless as it was not possible to apply in reality.

It is true that the human mind is most of the time occupied with thoughts and ideas unless and until one is in a deep state of meditation – but not everyone is a Buddha. It is not a big surprise to come up with some great ideas but again if they are not executed properly then they are worth garbage. Hence, great effort, strong determination, and immense perseverance are required to convert your ideas into something worthy, valuable, and meaningful.

Honestly there are no secrets. You just have to understand a few things. Below is a list of my suggestions:

1. Analyze your idea

The first thing to do is to deeply study and analyze your idea. How valuable is your idea? Is it even worth considering? If it is, then is it viable? Is your idea applicable or is it simply a projection of your over ambitious mind? These things need to be understood before diving into the other steps. Here, let me tell you my own story. During college, while I was pitching my idea for a short film, I proposed the use of a crane shot in one of the scenes. My friends including my professor liked my idea and the way I explained it was convincing, but we all knew that it wasn’t possible to accomplish at that time. There were just too many complications, involved with it. As a result, I had to discard the idea of using a crane shot and moved ahead with another one.

Hence, it is always the best strategy to meticulously scrutinize the strength and weakness of an idea you think has potential and that could be developed into something productive.

2. Don’t be Adamant About Your Idea

Remember not all ideas can be put into action. Nothing can be done about it. Don’t squander your energy by being adamant and too egoistic about your idea. Look from a realistic point of view and only proceed with the ones that seem practical; otherwise all you will encounter is failures and frustrations on the way. The key is to be smart in choosing the right ones and having the courage in dropping the unnecessary ones.

3. Right Planning

This is also an important step. Once you have found the right idea and decided to invest your time, energy, and sweat in it, you should always plan your actions properly. Do not be over excited and jump right away. Be organized; make a blue print of your action plan, and spend enough time on it until you are fully confident to venture onto this journey. It’s better to start slow than later regret by hasting. The key is to plan and prepare.

4. Stop Dreaming Ahead

Not only do people dream in the night but also while they are awake. This is called day dreaming. Dreams are beautiful but they are not real. This is why it is painful to wake up in the morning after a beautiful dream. So stop dreaming about the results prior to the action. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Remember your task is to turn your ideas into reality; it would be stupid to get lost in dreams. It is nice to dream about the future and start reaping the harvest, but sow your seeds first.

5. Stop Procrastinating, Act Now

Tomorrow never comes, and it is stupid to lose a precious today thinking about what tomorrow might bring. The solution is to act right now, why wait for tomorrow when it can be achieved today. It is said that, “A bird in a hand is better than two in the bush.” So act intelligently. If you act now, then you will get a lot done quicker. This can be extremely helpful in curbing your procrastination habit as well.

6. Hard Work and Devotion

Turning a decent, good or great idea into a reality is not an easy task. You should be devoted, focused, and willing to work hard to achieve your mission. Remember there is no free lunch. You have to pay for it. To accomplish something worthy you have to put an equal amount of hard work and determination in it. Remember Newton’s Third Law of Motion: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

7. Patience and Perseverance

And, yes, you have to patient. After all the hard work and sweat, be patient and just wait. Give yourself a break. You will most certainly reap the fruits of success. It might take some time, and it might challenge, frustrate, and berate you, but again you have arrived this far. Do not be afraid of the outcome. Do not give up. Perseverance is the key. If Thomas Alpha Edison had given up on his ideas after encountering a series of failures, we would have missed many beautiful scientific inventions.


Ideas are always there in our minds, and yes we get lots of them. But to wade through a pile of ideas, spot the right one, turn into a reality, and to accomplish success out of it is certainly a difficult feat. But, I am hopeful the above steps would prove helpful to you in your journey.

I would like to end with my own life experience. I have always aspired to be a filmmaker, and yes I have had some good ideas to turn them into movies that I have always wanted to make; but, I am also clearly aware of my situation right now. I know that it may be out of my reach to accomplish my goal at the present moment; however, I haven’t allowed my ideas to fade out into the darkness. Instead of being stuck, I thought I should manifest the great potential inside me through another outlet. A year and half ago, an idea dawned on me. An idea of launching my own website that would act as a platform to project my inner voice; it took quite a time for me to get to this point today, but again if I had abandoned my idea, then I wouldn’t have written this article.

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