A Tale of Repressed Sexuality: Tickets for Tittsburgh

Written by Naren on December 13, 2008

In my article entitled 5 Golden Sutras to Be in Sex , I talked about how sex has been repressed, condemned, and chastised in many societies. I also suggested five sutras that could turn sex into something divine, and a joyful experience rather than just a fleeting moment of fun, or a release of energy. It’s true that instead of accepting sex as a natural phenomenon, and a blessed gift from the existence, the unconscious societies have devolved it into something ugly and perverted. Sex itself is not a problem but people have invested so many thoughts in it that sex appears to be problematic and troublesome in our lives. And when sex becomes a problem then we are being told to suppress it by practicing chastity, abstinence and celibacy. Consequently, the repressed sexuality is embedded so deeply into our unconscious mind that no matter how much we inhibit sex, it victoriously surges up to the surface sooner or later. Aren’t pornographic films or magazines, strip clubs and bars, and our surreptitious eyes chasing naked girls in movies and books, results of our sexually repressed mind?

Instead of investing our thoughts on the act of sex, why haven’t we utilized them to reach an understanding that sex is just as natural as thirst or hunger? It cannot be denied or suppressed. For example, many people do not like to think about death even though they know that one day they will be engulfed into the sharp jaws of death. Do you think by denying death, one would be immortal? Absolutely not! Likewise, the more we hide sex, the bigger the shape it takes on. To cure sexual desires, priests have been preaching that the best thing to do is not to think about it at all, and simply ignore its existence. But, to not think about it, we have to think first. The more, we try not to think, the more we start thinking… And that’s what we have been doing -- thinking too much about sex that our minds have become sexual, and sex, which should be enjoyed as the most precious gift from God has become a difficulty in our lives.

What can be done then?

In my opinion, the key is just to accept and understand it. Even better, go beyond sex or transcend sex; please read 5 Golden Sutras to Be in Sex if you would like to learn more on this. Sex is the foundation of life. We are all the creation of sex. How can we simply disagree with it? How can we just ignore it? How can it be ugly when it should have been divine?

Here, I would like to share one story that I heard through Osho, on how repressed sexuality floats by itself on the surface, no matter how much one tries to suppress it, in my own words and understanding.

Tickets for Tittsburgh

Three priests were at the train station. Let me not indicate the particular religion these priests belong to. I leave it up to you, to categorize them according to your wish, to make the story more interesting. So anyway, these priests were there at the station waiting for a train, certainly visiting someplace. Finally the youngest one breaks the silence, and says, “It seems that the train might arrive any time, so I should go and get the tickets.” So he heads toward the ticket counter and sees a beautiful lady at the counter. The priest says, “How much are the tickets for Tittsburgh?” The lady gets angry and scolds the young priest. Moreover, neither the priest nor the lady could believe such indecency from a religious figure. Obviously, the priest was going to Pittsburgh. Seeing a beautiful voluptuous lady, he forgot everything, and the word “Tittsburgh” slipped out of his tongue unconsciously. Guilt ridden he returns to his friends. Seeing the young priest all nervous and shaky, the other priests inquire about what had happened. The young priest couldn’t give the details out of embarrassment and requests that the other priests go buy the tickets.

The second priest, slightly older than the first one, walks towards the counter. As soon as he witnesses the beautiful vixen behind the counter, he too forgets his whole existence. Since he is older than the other priest, he has accumulated more repression and has invested more efforts in suppressing his sexual desires. He asks the girl, “May I get three tickets for Tittsburgh, and the change in nipples?” The lady gets so agitated and mad that she replies back in fury, “What’s wrong with you? You are all dressed as priests, and yet are so indecent! I cannot believe it.” The second priest returns red faced. The young priest already knows the reason behind the second priest’s nervousness and trembling, but the oldest one wanted to know what had happened. The second priest is just too embarrassed and guilty to tell the truth. He says, “Why don’t you go yourself and find out?”

Now, it is the turn of the third priest, who walks off towards the counter mumbling, “What is wrong with these young ones, they can’t even buy tickets? What’s in that window?” He was the eldest of all, and seemed wiser and more mature. The moment he arrives at the counter, it takes no time for him to deduce what may have happened to his peers when he sees the beautiful lady with big breasts sitting at the ticket counter. He murmurs himself, “I get it now. So this is the mystery behind the window. I have to be cautious with my words. No wonder those two fools have failed to buy the tickets.” He approaches the lady and says, “Lady, may I have three tickets for Pittsburgh?” Surprised and relieved the lady answers, “Only you are the real priest. The other two phonies are just pretending and indecent.” But, the priest was angry inside as he had to suppress his desires. Remember, he is the oldest of all, so he must have garnered much more repressions and committed more sins than the others. He replies, “I agree with you. But, you should be dressed properly young lady. If you wear such clothes then St. Finger at the gate of heaven will show you his Peter.”

Final Words

The story above is a perfect example of the repressed mind. Surely, these three priests had been curbing their sexual desires for a long time. As it had been submerged deep down in their unconscious layer, it took no time to emerge after seeing the attractive lady at the counter. Thus, Pittsburgh turns into Tittsburgh, Nickels becomes Nipples, and St. Peter is replaced by St. Finger.


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