About Naren

Dear Friends,

Let me utilize this opportunity to introduce myself. My full name is Narendra, but most people call me Naren – because it’s easier to pronounce. I prefer whichever makes you comfortable. What’s in the name anyway?

From Nepal to America

I was born in a remote village of the small South-East Asian country, Nepal. I guess most of you do know about Nepal, if not then please wiki or google it. You will get a much clearer idea. Looking at the under developed condition of the village in which I was raised, and the economic situation of my family, it’s hard for me to believe that I am in America – the country of opportunity and freedom. But, how did I arrive here? How did a guy who could have been toiling under the scorching sun in some remote field in Nepal, land here? I could have never stepped foot outside of my village. I know people who are still there and working hard to for their daily existence. In my experience, working hard in a Third World country like Nepal is different than working hard here in America. The citizens of Third World countries are deprived of the benefits that the citizens of richer countries take for granted. My wife and I just visited Nepal (Aug, 2008) and we saw the grim living conditions of the people with our own eyes. My wife, born and raised an American citizen, was very shocked to see the stark reality of this Third World country. It became an enlightening experience for her. This is what she said to me: “We Americans are really spoiled.”

I have seen both worlds. I have lived in both. While the people from Third World countries struggle really hard to make their daily living, people in richer nations take things for granted and barely utilize their privileges, and if they do they still complain. Such is the irony!

Gratitude to my parents

The first credit for all that I have achieved to this very moment goes to my wonderful parents. The second credit goes to my wife and me. My parents made the impossible possible. Can you imagine that these two innocent and illiterate (both of my parents have never been to school) human beings, who were living a life of struggle, working as farmers dreamt of providing a bright future to their children? Despite everything they did. They did all they could and gave us the best education. I am really proud of my parents. It is said that when eyes are filled with gratitude then you can’t stop tears – yes, I get emotional talking about them. Not only did they give me this life, but also they provided me with all the opportunities to make it better, despite all the hardships that they had to face for themselves. Now, my brother and I, we are both educated. I have a degree in communication studies with emphasis on Mass media and film. And my brother, who is also here in America, is working toward his Doctorate in Organic Chemistry.


I have always loved movies. That was one main reason why I came to America – to learn about motion pictures and ultimately make my own. So far I have made about nine short films. One of them called HOME is my favorite, and pretty popular among people. I have seen thousands of movies from all over the world. I also love writing as much as I love movies and it gives me profound happiness.

Why Spiritual Pub?

The idea of running this website has been in my mind for a long time. But, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to execute it properly and effectively to its full potential. It has taken me more than a year, from teaching myself website design and development, to finding the appropriate time to launch this site. I pray that it will prove useful to all of us. This is what I have to say about Spiritual Pub in few lines:

Spiritual Pub is all about discovering the inner beauty of life. Life is slipping by, but do you know that even one moment is plenty to live, if only you are alert, aware, and conscious. We have been wasting life, which is blessed with these blissful moments, worrying about stupid things.

Please read About Spiritual Pub, Why Spiritual Pub is not a community, and The Beginning of an Inner Revolution to learn more about Spiritual Pub’s intentions.

Closing remarks

The articles in this website are my personal perspectives on life stemming from own experiences. I am not some kind of a spiritual guru nor do I have any intention to become one; I am just like you – an ordinary individual making a conscious effort to live this life in awareness and consciousness. Let’s stay in touch. You are most welcome to contact me if you have any further questions or suggestions.